The technique of lithography (stone printing) has a long tradition in Cuba. It was mainly used in Cuba in the 19th century to produce color documentation. Today it is only used artistically, offset printing and photography have long since replaced industrial use. Art lithography is very popular in Cuba today. In addition, letterpress prints, such as linoleum and woodcuts, are also extremely popular. Also the series graphics (so-called stenciling, also called silk screen or silk print) is used more and more often.

Many, also famous painters like Martha JimenezThey use art printing techniques to be able to reproduce their works and sell them in small series at attractive prices. The subjects are often strongly Afro-Cuban, the sheets of the series are often dyed in different colours and numbered and signed by the artist. The works can be found in galleries, in the handicraft market and in the art printing centre in Havana.