The universities of art are also strongly supported by the state and are at a high level worldwide. As an artist in Cuba, one has a certain fool's freedom and a socially respected status. Art also offers the opportunity to deal with oneself. Feelings like fear, anger, love or lust can be channelled into a vessel, for example in a painting. But also historical events or the current zeitgeist can be manifested. Because of the double isolation of Cubans, see GENERALthis is particularly important in Cuba and explains in part the enormous diversity of art in Cuba. On the other hand, it certainly also has to do with the Cubans themselves. Many Cubans have African roots and the corresponding temperament. This can be seen in their visual language, on the one hand through typically Caribbean or 'African' strong colours and accents, on the other hand through the theme of their origin and history. Afro-Cuban gods, forms and stories flow into many of her pictures, sometimes only under the surface, sometimes dominant. Since the Cuban artists, thanks to their excellent art academies, have a very high level of painting technique and are also very keen to experiment, this enormous variety of styles, forms and colours is created in contemporary Cuban painting. The young artists in particular go about their work with a refreshing, often almost childlike carefreeness and always leave the viewer amazed.