Cuba is an island in the Caribbean. A good 60 years have passed since the revolution of Fidel Castro and his guerrillas. And it is hard to believe: the communist unity party he founded is still in power. How is that possible? Well, one of Fidel's first activities was to alphabetize the country and build good schools and hospitals. This way they have practically no wages - but good education and free health care. This is still the case today, despite the huge economic problems and various crises the country has gone through since then. The people thank him for this and adore him until today, even after his death. But this should not hide the fact that the Cubans are isolated in a double sense: on the one hand, because of their insularity, and on the other hand, because of the restrictions imposed by the Cuban regime. The blockade of the USA against Cuba, which is still continuing today, further intensifies this effect. Cubans are allowed to apply for a passport today, but it costs so much money that hardly any Cuban can obtain it in the end. And even with a passport you first have to obtain a visa of the country you want to visit - in most countries this is practically impossible for Cubans. There is still the escape over the sea to Florida, but it is life threatening. So many Cubans stay in Cuba whether they want to or not. And concentrate their strength on tasks in the country. Art offers a good opportunity for this. See ART.