The contemporary Cuban art of painting is extremely diverse. The division of the artists into different collections helps to give the viewer an overview.
Thus a distinction is made between already successful, mostly older artists in the collection ARRIVED and the young, hungry young artist. These are the focus of artecuba, in the collection BOY & GAME.
Besides there is the collection NAIV & SURREALin which naive to surreal art is shown. Our exhibition Poetry [Abstract] from spring 2018 showed the great importance of the ABSTRACT ART in Cuba.
In the collection ARTE CUBA experience Cuban painting in all its diversity. You will find samplers on typical Cuban themes such as Afrocubanismo, but also on the increasingly popular photo and hyper-realism and on a side of humour and satire.
Well-made reproduction art at reasonable prices can be found in the popular collection DECORATIVE ART.
A special field is the LITHOGRAPHYwhich has a long tradition in Cuba. Under this collective term you will find colographs, woodblock prints and SilkPrints of very different styles.
The Collection STREETART shows graffiti and street art from Havana. This collection is very important as a contemporary witness because street art is transient ...
Also the PHOTOGRAPHY enjoys a high status in Cuba and gets its own collection with different portfolios.
The PLASTIC ART is very important in Cuba. Many Cuban painters are also enthusiastic sculptors.

Have fun browsing through the collections.