Andi Schnelli
Founder of artecuba

Andi Schnelli with Maikel Sotomayor
Havana, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Alfredo Mendoza Bullain
Havana, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Jose Luis Diaz Ramirez
Trinidad, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Abel Massot
Havana, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Andy Rivero
Havana, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Pango
Havana, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Almer
Havana, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Oscar Lasseria
Camagüey, 2017

Andi Schnelli with Cenia Escalona Borjas
Bayamo, 2016

Andi Schnelli with Alex Cepeda
Trinidad, 2017

Lucerne, Switzerland

About the founder 
From house to architect, his great passion is cycling and travelling. Since 1992 he has been to Cuba countless times, mostly in the bicycle saddle. Partly privately, partly as a tour guide. In 2014 a new passion was added, contemporary Cuban art, especially expressive paintings by younger Cuban painters. When he is not travelling, he lives in Lucerne in winter and in the Maggia Valley in summer.

Inspired by his many experiences in Cuba and many an incredible anecdote, he wrote a small, humorous booklet about Cuba in 2017. It was published in December 2018 in the editioncuba.ch

Considerations of a Cuban traveller. Everything you ever wanted to know about Cuba. Author Andi Schnelli
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