The solo exhibition "sentidos II"
We are pleased to be able to show you once again from Saturday, 16 May to Saturday, 6 June the exhibition "sentidos" by the young Cuban artist Alfredo Mendoza Bullain, which was cancelled due to Corona. He himself was in the gallery with his wife Xiomara until mid-March and was able to return to Cuba just in time before the lockdown. Alfredo used his time in the gallery actively and painted a lot of new pictures in the Entlebuch. He experimented with different techniques and formats and created magical pictures. Even if you have already visited the gallery in March, come again, you will be surprised. We look forward to your visit.

The artist
Alfredo Mendoza Bullain, born on March 1, 1989 in Media Luna, Granma Province, Cuba, completed his four-year studies in 2008 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Carlos Enrique, Manzanillo. Today he lives and works in Havana. His expressive pictures show people and faces, which he recalls from his imagination and paints and draws on paper without any other aids. He works quickly and often paints like a man possessed. His pictures have a very strong suggestive power. The viewer is literally drawn into the picture. His play with black and white, with empty spaces and density are simply great. He is one of the young and wild young artists of Cuba, who undoubtedly have a great future ahead of them.

His work
Emotions and sensuality characterize the work of Alfredo Mendoza Bullain. In his paintings he materializes emotional and spiritual moments through color and painting. His figures are calm and ambiguous, floating in space and time. His paintings revolve around human emotions, captured in a moment - but not tangible, often faceless and painted with a boundless distance. These contradictions in his paintings touch us - along with his grandiose art of painting and his intuitive knowledge of the coherence of his colours and brushstrokes.

Here you will receive further information and an overview of the best works of Alfredo Mendoza Bullain.