VERNISSAGE SEPT 19, 2020 2 - 8 PM

Collective exhibition "ROJO 9+1
This exhibition will inspire you. 10 young Cuban artists show their current work. The spectrum ranges from figurative to abstract; from poetic to expressive. The painting technique, colour & picture language reflect the personality of the artist and encourage comparison. Dive into the art from Cuba and let yourself be enchanted.

Saturday 19 September 2 - 8 pm

Sat 19 September - 17 October 2020

Thursday I Friday 14 - 19 hrs
Saturday 10 - 17 o'clock

The artists
Leandro Manuel Santa Clara I Figurative
Jorly Gonzalez Habana Vieja I Abstract
Alfredo Mendoza Bullain Habana Vieja I Poetry
Jose Luis Diaz Ramirez Trinidad I Plastic
Maikel Sotomayor Habana Vieja I Poetry
Yuniel Delgado Habana Vieja I Expressive
Pango Habana Playa I Figurative I Abstract
Abel Massot Habana Vieja I Figurative
Raylven Friman Bayamo I Abstract

Anabel Herrera Habana Regla I Hyperealismo

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